When people lose a loved one they deserve a Professional who can help them thru the whole process. After the Funeral the Memorial is what is left behind to tell the story of the life they lived. From a simple Marker to an Elabornate Estate Memorial, we listen to our families wishes, needs and circumstances. We help design and create a Memorial for your loved one, that is right for them.

Our Promise

We base our services on providing the most Professional, Attentive, and Caring Service at a Fair Price. We offer a Memorial for every budget. By honoring a lifetime of love and commitment with equal dedication to appearance and quality, that your loved ones memory deserves. 

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Types of Monuments


scans003 2 copy 2The above image is an example of a flat monument.  As the name suggestions flat monuments are grass level, and do not lay upright.  Depending on the type of granite these can also be etched to contain photos, or images representing your loved one's life.


scans003 7 copy

This is an example of an upright monument.  Once again as the name suggests upright monuments are vertical, and come in various sizes.  They can even be cut into custom shapes such as hearts.


scans003 17 copyThe above image is an example of a slant monument.  Similar to the upright monument, slants also are upright, but they are slanted at an angle.  This specific example also has laser etched graphics on a Jet Black Granite.

The Beauty of Granite

A Color for Everyone

We use innovative ideas with tradition, to create a custom Monument for your Loved One.  By offering a large selection of granite colors we can help you personalize your Monument. 

Color is a crucial factor in helping you personalize your monument.  Whether you're looking for a traditional Super Gray, or something a bit more elegant such as Carnation Pink or Bahama Blue, we have a color that you will love!  If you are interested in creating an ultra personalized monument adorned with laser etched family photos, and memories, choose our premier color, Jet Black, to achieve the best results.

*Photos are a representation of color.
Actual colors may differ slightly.

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We all like to hope that death will make an exception in our case. But we know it won’t be so. Sooner or later, we each will leave this life, whether we are ready or not.  Talking about a funeral is never an easy task, but planning your funeral in advance can help relieve the stress on the people you love most.  Fill out the our pre-planning form, and we can setup a consultation to discuss your plans.

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